Friday, June 10, 2005

Middlebury Reunion

A lot has happened in the past month and I have been very busy. Classes have ended and the senior class at Vermont Commons has graduated. The good byes are tough especially considering that I have taught some of these kids for four or five years. The world keeps turning and times change.

I went to my 15th college reunion. It was fun, but a little depressing. The accomplishments of some of my classmates are quite extraordinary. I spent a fair amount of time with an Assistant Professor at Duke in the Medical School, a homebuilder and an oil executive. There were also some impressive people leading quiet high quality lives of teachers, parents and storeowners. I liked hanging out with these people the best. It was also great to see some close friends that I have not talked to in ten or fifteen years. The reunion made me realize that I am just a simple person with no real desire to be anything other then a good husband, father, teacher and friend. I’m just a simple hobbit living in the shire.


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