Friday, April 15, 2005

More from Baghdad Burning

I continue to be impressed with the reporting in Baghdad Burning. It is a great online journal that captures the feelings of one individual in the occupation. The interesting thing about the war is that we are now broadcasting US TV shows into their country. More especially is her description of American mainstream media. It is sanitized and produced not to enlighten or educate, but with the idea of controlling perceptions and views of events. The mental environment that we live with in the US is one where the unreflected synthetic life is created and experienced. We watch “Friends” because we lack any true friends ourselves, we watch “reality T.V.” because we don’t have a fulfilling life. This seems to be the current zeitgeist.

People who have not been continuously feeding from the glass teat are more aware. They can see things for what they are and not what the media companies want us to see. The Iraqi woman who writes this blog sees clearly that the American people are being shown things to influence public opinion and not things that will inform them about the war. We are being told stories about Terry Schiavo in order to distract us from more urgent and important business. Keep checking this sight. It is the best blog out there.


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