Monday, March 07, 2005

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Great post. I like your observations and they got me to thinking….

There is a really big problem with the news today and the lack of transparency. This is especially true in the area of international/foreign correspondence. For example, CBS has only one foreign correspondent in Asia. That’s one journalist for 2 billion people? Here’s a radical idea. Why don’t we start our own publicly funded foreign correspondent! If enough of us donate $10, we could easily hire a reporter to write stories for us. In addition, we could ask him/her to write stories on topics chosen by the donors.

Here’s a list of steps to make this idea a reality.

Discuss this issue…does this idea have any support?
1. I’ll form the not-for profit if enough people are interested. I’ll list myself as an officer but then when this goes live we can vote on a board to manage the not-for-profit.
2. Max donation per person or organization is $100 US.
3. Come up with a budget… I think we can make this happen with $100,000 US.
4. Advertise for the position…on the blog.
5. Go through the applications and pick a list of finalists.
Put their resumes on the blog and have the donors vote on who to hire.

Just a set of guidelines…I’d be interested in a discussion. I have this message posted on .

Rob Skiff


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